Donald at the Bat – Day 1447, Trump Went Down to Georgia

Day 1447, Trump Went Down to Georgia

Trump just went down to Georgia to complain and to campaign,

Perhaps to find those extra votes imagined in his brain.

Though Trump lost his election, there’s another one today

To help Mitch hold the Senate or help Joe take it away.


Rev Warnock and Jon Ossoff, versus Loeffler and Perdue,

The two rich, white folks versus a black preacher and a Jew.

Republicans will help Mitch to obstruct reforms we need;

The Democrats make it more likely Biden can succeed.


The rich folks think just of themselves; they’ve both increased their wealth.

The Democrats think of the general welfare and our health.

Will Donald’s government of, by, and for the rich, endure?

Or will the Congress help to make all people more secure?


Today, tomorrow, two more fights against Trump’s legacy,

To help America emerge from Donald’s lunacy.

Insanity’s infectious and the vaccine is our vote.

If there’s vaccine resistance, then there is no antidote.


Our throats are sore; we have a cough; our bones and muscles ache.

The nation’s temperature is high; now will we see it break?

Will votes, like antibodies, cure our national disease?

Or will we be “long haulers,” crippled by persistent sleaze?


So, Trump went down to Georgia, seeking souls that are for sale.

But January twentieth might start his trip to jail.

Our problem is recovery.  Since Trump’s base will persist,

Will it be septicemic or just an annoying cyst?