Donald at the Bat – Day 1446, Decertifying Votes

Day 1446, Decertifying Votes


Does race explain the GOP claims of election fraud?

Their motive, bigotry and all their lawsuits a façade?

Does animus toward darker skins now govern all their votes?

Will demographic change make them historical footnotes?


Trump’s cult of personality, tinpot dictator style,

Is crystal-clear and in-your-face, without a hint of guile.

Though liar, crook, incompetent: at least the man is white.

Is this the Trumpist vision now?  Does “white” define what’s “right?”


The GOP goal is: stay in charge, asserting dominance.

Criteria for leadership permit incompetence,

And ignorance, mendacity, the list goes on and on.

Then wrap them in one bundle and behold!  You have the Don.


Their goal: hang on to power and the voters must say so.

And, if they don’t, the next move is…democracy must go.

They must be more restrictive in our access to the polls.

If all ethnicities can vote, their ship hits rocky shoals.


 They lost the vote Election Day, lost every suit in court.

Their tantrum moves to Congress where they’ll ask them to abort

The votes of some Electors, though their votes were certified.

But they were votes of dark-skinned folks, and they must not decide.


They know there was no cheating and they know there was no fraud,

(Except suppression that they tried, which ought to be outlawed.)

But they can’t let the voters tell them that they cannot rule.

Truth and democracy are simply fictions taught in school.


Trump made a call to Georgia, telling them to change the vote.

That’s criminal.  Now will some Trumpists say, “That’s all she wrote?”

How much can ardent Trumpists take, or are they deaf and blind?

Their man’s a liar and a crook; proof is not hard to find.


We’ve spent so much on Donald Trump’s psychopathology

And his delusions (just a logical tautology.)

Republicans who need his base must still kiss Donald’s ass

And hope that they do not fall in, for it’s a deep crevasse.