Donald at the Bat -Day 1445, Last Gasp for Autocracy

Day 1445, Last Gasp for Autocracy


Trump vetoed the Defense Bill; Congress passed it anyway.

Relief checks of two grand demanded but Mitch said, “No way.”

So Donald had two strikes this week; next Wednesday, one more pitch

To overturn electors’ votes, also opposed by Mitch.


Though some Republicans agree, supporting Donald’s will,

Both House and Senate must agree and pundits doubt they will.

A scramble to please Donald’s base for two and four years hence,

Sand in the gears of government, at the expense of Pence.


For Pence, Trump’s loyal sycophant, his worst dilemma yet:

The Constitution or the Don, how much worse could it get?

Democracy is on the line; what will Pence do this time?

Will he evolve a backbone or stay slithering in slime?


Republican’s assault on our democracy is clear,

Though courts have thrown out sixty suits that Trumpists filed last year. (1)

A tantrum by Republicans, to pander to Trump’s base,

They’re charging fraud in Biden’s win but do not have a case.


One last gasp for autocracy against the voters’ will:

The loss they suffered in November was a bitter pill.

In Gohmert-level thinking, they don’t mind if they are named,

It’s Donald for Dictator!  And, they’re really not ashamed.


The voters have thrown Donald out; incompetence and lies

Proved Trump unfit to govern, so that wasn’t a surprise.

Republicans cry, “We must rule!  Damn what the voters say!”

What will they tell the God they tout when they face Judgment Day?


(1)  59, actually.  Trump won one case wherein his vote-counting observers were allowed to move from 10 feet away to 6 feet away.