Donald at the Bat – Day 1414, Bat Shit Crazy

Day 1414, Bat Shit Crazy


Flying mammal defecation,

Crazy like chiroptera, (1)

Donald, off his medication,

Stuff of tragic opera.

Melodies, all cacophonic,

Lyrics lacking rhythm, rhyme,

Donald’s tweets and rants, colonic,

Borborygmi keeping time.


Leadership, where narcissism

Governs every thought and act.

Those who venture criticism,

Always viciously attacked.

Every act an advertisement,

Ever seeking words of praise,

Single goal: self-aggrandizement,

And the cash flow it may raise.


Trump commands: “Sing  Te laudamus. (2)

“Join the angel choirs on high.”

We, instead, sing, “Gaudeamus,” (3)

Voting in the other guy.

White House aides play funeral dirges

At the setting of their sun.

“Madness of King George,” emerges;

Donald rants, “I won!  I won!”


Now it’s internecine warfare;

Trump attacks Republicans.

Governors would not declare

Trump, King of Americans.

Trump’s bid to be autocratic,

Squashed beneath the voters’ heel.

We’re remaining democratic;

Now we have a chance to heal.


(1)  Chiroptera: the mammalian order to which bats belong.

(2)  Te Laudamus, Latin for “we praise you.”

(3)  Gaudeamus, Latin for “let us rejoice.”