Donald at the Bat – Day 1415, It’s Over; But Wait

Day 1415, It’s Over; But Wait


It looks like it’s over; the last bell has rung

And Trump has no fraud case; the fat man has sung.

Bill Barr has found nothing; Trump’s mill has no grist

But fraudulent fraud claims; add those to Trump’s list.


Now something far juicier is in the press,

A bribery for pardons scheme, huge legal mess.

Court records redacted, how much did Trump know?

Who were all the parties?  The scandal will grow.


Was this the main reason Barr went to Trump’s house?

To say a fire’s raging which he cannot douse?

With all the names hidden, who offered to pay?

Who brokered the deal and what did Donald say?


We know Trump’s a grifter; how high was the price?

 We know Trump’s illiquid; more cash would be nice.

Next, pardon himself and his whole family?

Are they in hot water?  We must wait and see.


Now Trump has to leave in just seven more weeks,

As with bated breath, we await what else leaks.

Trump says he might run again in ’24.

One more grab for headlines; we’re sure there’ll be more.


So when Trump departs, he will make a big splash.

His base has been sending him huge piles of cash.

Will he be indicted?  Will he go to jail?

Regarding the Donald, we’ll never exhale.