Donald at the Bat – Day 1413, No Case

Day 1413, No Case


The courts keep telling Donald Trump, he doesn’t have a case

But he keeps filing lawsuits and keeps stirring up his base.

His legal representatives are bailing left and right.

So, Donald’s down to just his nuts to carry on the fight.


We’ve heard that Donald’s planning an inauguration show

A counter-rally somewhere else to throw some shade on Joe.

His narcissism showing, Donald must be center state.

We’ll see if he can find a place to get on stage and rage.


And, we’ve heard Donald’s thinking of a run in ’24.

Might that be what the Donald wants his counter-rally for?

But this ignores one consequence since Biden has prevailed,

If Trump’s indicted in New York, poor Donald might be jailed.


As Covid 19’s raging, Donald’s going out to golf.

And meanwhile, in the White House, they fear who’ll be next to cough.

And White House aides are asking, “Do we face reality,

“Or keep on humoring the boss’s imbecility?”


We hear a vaccine’s coming; Trump wants credit for the cure.

But that claim is preposterous and smells like horse manure.

When we get our first shots, there’ll be three hundred thousand dead.

What Trump earned credit for: facilitating Covid spread.


A last thought: will Trump go to Georgia for the Senate race,

Campaign for Loeffler and Perdue and fire up the base?

If Trump just talks about himself as he is wont to do,

He probably won’t be much help to Loeffler and Perdue.