Donald at the Bat – Day 1407, The Dow Jones Rising

Day 1407, The Dow Jones Rising


Now we’re sure that Donald’s leaving,

The Dow Jones is on the rise.

Although Donald Trump is grieving,

We’ve grown weary of his lies.

Trump has paused in his obstruction

Of transitioning to Joe;

Voters sent a clear instruction,

“Donald Trump, you have to go.”


Donald Trump has been rejected;

“Hallelujah!” sing the skies.

Although some folks are dejected:

(Kim and Putin and those guys.)

Now we’ll have to see if Biden

Can make Covid go away.

We know science will be guidin’

From Inauguration Day.



Will Trump’s tail remain prehensile

Once he’s tossed out on the dump?

We must see if Michael Pence’ll

Go on kissing Donald’s rump.

Although Donald’s not conceding,

In a post-election trance,

We will have Joe Biden leading

And have no more sycophants.


Will we still face the obstruction

By Mitch on the Senate floor?

Can he stop Joe’s reconstruction,

Which is what we voted for?

Are right wingers patriotic?

Do they care if we succeed?

Will they still stay so despotic,

As is common for their breed?


Those supporting Trump’s sedition,

(There are more than just a few.)

Or with autocrat ambition,

 May remain obstructive glue.

Though Trump ripped the world asunder,

As right-wingers cheered him on,

Will they let Joe fix their blunder

Now that Donald Trump is gone?


Now investors are encouraged;

So we see the Dow Jones rise.

Although others stay discouraged,

Sickened by the Donald’s lies.

Our Democracy was shaken

And we’re still in our sick bed.

If enough of us awaken,

We can rise and move ahead.