Donald at the Bat – Day 1406, Preconceived Notions

Day 1406, Preconceived Notions


Varied Covid 19 war logistics

Reveal some of our characteristics.

Some folks cannot decide

What to use as a guide,

Since they can’t understand most statistics.


Illustrating our deep, red-blue schism,

Some states call mask mandates, “socialism.”

Though these mandates save lives,

They give red-staters hives,

Though they’re OK with Donald’s facism.


Why are some so mistrusting of science?

To the point of just outright defiance?

They will proudly admit,

They accept Trump’s bullshit,

And join in his denial alliance.


Sometimes data demand our submission;

Thereby science debunks superstition.

Some reveal, when they find

That they should change their mind,

That to think is a great imposition.


Some of us get headaches from statistics.

Some want certainty, not just heuristics.

So they’ll all sing along

With someone who is wrong,

Just as long as he’s selling simplistics.


But we’re weary of Donald Trump’s lying,

Devastated by relatives dying,

So we just made a change,

Turned Trump out on the range,

To a hell, where he’s crying and frying.