Donald at the Bat – Day 1403, Trump Won?

Day 1403, Trump Won?


America voted and Trump says, “I won.”

He claims he’s America’s favorite son.

There’s just one big problem: the Joe Biden vote.

Joe got eighty million, which means Donald’s done.


Trump has a big problem; it’s Joe Biden’s vote,

A lot from black voters, who get Donald’s goat.

Trump’s tweeting and suing, “There was massive fraud!”

But lawsuits take evidence or they won’t float.


Trump’s tweeting and charging,  “There was massive fraud!

“With such massive fraud, the vote totals are flawed!”

The problem: his lawyers have no evidence;

Lawsuits without evidence?  That’s rather odd.


Trump’s problem: his lawyers have no evidence,

So, Trump sulks and tweets up in his residence.

He’s hired Giuliani to bullshit the press.

If you believe Rudy, you have to be dense.


Trump hired Giuliani to bullshit the press.

But, what Rudy’s done is enlarging the mess.

A tragic Pagliaccio drips hair dye and sweat.  (1)

But where is his evidence?  We have to guess.


Poor Rudy, Pagliaccio, drips hair dye and sweat.

Was Rudy the best lawyer Donald could get?

Fantastical fictions don’t prove that Trump won.

Those on stage with Rudy, a crazy, matched set.


The Trump clown show’s fantasies don’t prove he won.

Trump isn’t our favored, but rejected son.

Joe’s margin: six million votes; that’s all she wrote.

Stick a fork in the Donald; you’ll see he’s done.


(1)  Pagliaccio,” in Italian, a clown or buffoon.  “Pagliacci,” (clowns) an opera by Leoncavallo, premiered in 1892.