Donald at the Bat – Day 1404, Bye, Bye, Donald (parody to ‘Bye, Bye, Blackbird)

Day 1404, Bye, Bye, Donald  (1)


Take your wife and kid and go,

Beat by Joe, feeling low,

Bye, bye, Donald.

Though you tweet, and sue and grieve,

You must leave, no reprieve.

Bye, bye Donald.

Masklessness led Covid to infect you;

Character led voters to reject you.

Now you can’t run out the clock,

Deep in hock, in the dock,

Donald, bye, bye.


To all your kakistocrats,

Autocrats, theocrats,

Bye, bye, Donald.

And to your old song and dance,

Sycophants, Rudy rants,

Bye, bye, Donald.


Now your crimes are turning back to bite you.

New York state is going to indict you.

You must face it; you have failed,

Been derailed, may be jailed.

Donald, bye, bye.


(1)  May be sung to, “Bye, Bye, Blackbird, 1926, words by Mort Dixon, music by Ray Henderson.  Check out the recordings by Nina Simone and Julie London.