Donald at the Bat – Day 1402, Stay in Power

Day 1402, Stay in Power


The Donald hoped that Covid would hold Democrats at bay;

They’d stay at home, afraid to vote the last Election Day.

But lots of states, both red and blue, said folks could vote by mail.

And lots of mail-in ballots meant Trump’s strategy would fail.


So, Trump lost the election to Joe’s eighty million votes

And Biden-Harris handed Trump and Pence their hats and coats.

Now Trump sulks in the White House, where the mood is dark and dour

And plots suppression strategies so he can stay in power.


Trump tweets he was the victim of election fraudulence;

Two dozen lawsuits were thrown out for lack of evidence.

And Giuliani meets the press and just bullshits a lot.

With sweat and hair dye dripping, he’s the clown, “Count Shwitzalot.” (1)


Now Trump is urging legislatures: “Thwart the voters’ will.

“And send in my electors.  Join me in the sewer swill.”

If Donald can’t win fair and square, then he resorts to slime.

It’s standard for the Donald; draw supporters into crime.


Trump knows what he is asking now smells like a felony.

These are the ethics Donald learned while on his daddy’s knee.

So Donald has exposed himself, as well as half of us;

They’ll challenge our democracy and use a blunderbuss.


Republicans in Congress also have supported him,

Enabling his narcissism and his every whim.

They’re showing their contempt for truth; and they don’t care who knows.

Besides our Emperor, Republicans march without clothes.


When Trump’s no longer president, the debts he owes come due.

Four hundred million dollars: to pay them, what might he do?

To whom does he owe money and whose threats might turn him pale?

And, might our national security now be for sale?


(1)  A name coined by Brian Williams on MSNBC, November 19, 2020.  “Shvits” is Yiddish for “sweat.”