Donald at the Bat – Day 1397, Big Bullshitter

 Day 1397, Big Bullshitter


Americans like big bullshitters,

Do not like being told what to do,

And don’t like to have babysitters,

And misbehavior bills coming due.


Some won’t take prescribed medication,

Non-compliance as common as dirt.

Search for instant gratification

Has left us in a world of hurt.


And, it’s not just our non-compliance

With good, data-based, expert advice;

It’s open defiance of science

And preferring to just roll the dice.


“Wear masks and maintain social distance,”

For too many is too much to ask.

For some, “freedom” fuels their resistance,

(Only “socialists” would wear a mask.)


Is that why some vote for the Trumpster,

Although we’re sending Joe Biden in,

And tossing Trump out in the dumpster,

Though Joe’s margin was dangerously thin?


Though he has a nagging suspicion,

Donald still won’t concede his defeat.

For spite, he obstructs the transition,

Still preferring to bullshit and tweet.