Donald at the Bat -Day 1398, Sore Winner, Sore Loser

Day 1398, Sore Winner, Sore Loser


Trump was a sore winner in 2016,

This year, a sore loser, the worst ever seen.

A total vote loser both years that he ran,

How could we reject such a popular man?


“It’s fraudulent ballots,” what Donald Trump claims,

By absentee voters, who Donald Trump blames.

More absentee voters than 2016,

Who voted by mail due to Covid 19.


Trump slowed down the mail by appointing DeJoy;

By slowing the mail, all Trump did was annoy

The Democrat’s voters and their early vote.

Courts ordered delivery; that sunk Donald’s boat.


Trump filed lots of lawsuits; they all were thrown out.

No evidence shown, that’s what courts are about.

Trump sulks in the White House; all he does is tweet,

But lying and tweeting won’t cancel defeat.


Did Vladimir Putin fall down on the job?

For all the left wingers outvoted Trump’s mob.

Though Putin helped Trump back in 2016,

The voting this year was remarkably clean.


We’ll sing Auld Lang Syne and then Donald must go.

He’ll leave while reflecting on four years ago,

When birthers and bigots squeaked him into power.

But this year’s election gave him a cold shower.


Should we tent the White House where Covid still hides?

It spreads everywhere that the Donald abides.

That’s job one for Biden; ‘til Covid is gone,

And people stop dying, we cannot move on.