Donald at the Bat – Day 1390, Two Front Victory

Day 1390, Two Front Victory


We’ve rid ourselves of Donald Trump.  And next, Covid 19?

On early data, Pfizer says they have a strong vaccine.

With markets soaring on the news of two front victory,

It seems our nation’s headed on a new trajectory.


With counting almost finalized, Trump says he’s filing suit.

Stop counting here; keep counting there, Trump’s purpose: just dispute.

And never mind what voters say; now courts are all right wing.

They’re Donald’s judges; they owe him; and they will crown him king.


Trump lives and dies by lawsuits but these cases don’t make sense.

He’s 0 for 10 in suits so far; he has no evidence.

No voter fraud except his own, for slowing down the mail.

But voters proved, in spite of that, Trump’s strategy would fail.


Joe Biden has a huge job now, for Trump has left a mess.

Though Donald lost, the right wing’s strength will not be any less.

Mitch comes back to the Senate, his majority intact.

So he can still obstruct at will, a sad but sober fact.


 And we still face the problem of widespread Covid 19.

For, early data on vaccines may sometimes lose its sheen.

But Kamala’s a bright spot: the first woman as VP,

Biracial female, one more triumph for equality.


Now, will Republicans help Trump to block recovery?

Continue to kiss Donald’s ass and fear to disagree?

America has told Republicans: “No autocrat!”

They need to put our country first but there’s no sign of that.


But Trump can do a lot of damage in his final days.

Will he try to burn down the house, set everything ablaze?

We have to be prepared for Donald’s narcissistic rage;

There are more paragraphs to read before we turn the page.