Donald at the Bat – Day 1389b, The High Road and the Low Road (parody to ‘Loch Lomond’)

Day 1389b, The High Road and the Low Road  (1)


Chorus: (Insert as frequently as the spirit moves.)


Oh, Joe took the high road and Trump took the low road

And Joe took the White House from Donald.

Now Biden and Harris bring empathy again

And the whole world, once more, will respect us.


Verses:  (Sing as many as the spirit moves.)

The voters have socked Donald Trump on the chin;

Joe Biden’s folks are all excited.

Now we’ll be parting from Donald and his kin

And Trump’s whole clan may be indicted.


By some accident, Trump became president,

A vote that the whole world is ruing.

It’s so evident that Trump’s incompetent,

And he does not know what he is doing.


 As Covid mutates, and as it propagates

And spreads to become epidemic,

It hits all the states, as Trump prevaricates,

And his lies spread the Covid pandemic.


The Donald was slow as he watched Covid grow;

He proved he is hostile to science.

Though Donald survives, we’re paying with our lives:

These deaths all due to science defiance.


We opened back up and the bodies stacked up

As Donald said, “Ignore the virus.”

We soon learned the score: lives lost forevermore.

Yet Trump has asked, “How could they fire us?”


(1)  May be sung to “Loch Lomond,” a traditional Scottish song about a soldier, prisoner of war, about to be executed.  The origins of both the melody and lyrics are uncertain but it is probably of Jacobite origin.  Examples abound on the internet.