Donald at the Bat – Day 1391, The Rubaiyat of Donald Trump

Day 1391, The Rubaiyat of Donald Trump


Although defeated, Trump will not concede.

He can’t believe that he did not succeed.

There’s nothing on his schedule, day to day.

He seems depressed, from all that we can read.


Though nothing’s on his schedule, day to day,

Trump still won’t authorize the GSA

To sign and ascertain that Biden won

And voters have sent Donald on his way.


If they don’t ascertain that Biden won,

That this election’s over, finished, done,

Trump’s DNI will not cooperate:

Withholding briefings which should have begun.


Trump’s DNI will not cooperate

And thus, helps Donald to exacerbate

The problems faced when Biden takes command

And tries to right the wounded Ship of State.


The problems Joe has when he takes command

Are not too difficult to understand.

The first is: we are ravaged by disease,

Which Donald Trump helped spread throughout the land.


First problem: we are ravaged by disease

And then, there’s Donald Trump’s pervasive sleaze

And add to that Trump’s gross incompetence

And right wing sycophants down on their knees.


So, add up Donald’s gross incompetence

And crimes, for which there’s ample evidence.

One wonders if Trump can stay out of jail,

To live his days at government expense?