Donald at the Bat – Day 1385, Rural Versus Urban

Day 1385, Rural Versus Urban 


It’s rural versus urban views

And women versus men,

Determining whom voters choose,

The way it’s always been.


It’s rural red and urban blue,

No matter what the state.

For decades, there’s been nothing new,

Continuing debate.


Joe Biden versus Donald Trump,

Election yesterday,

Will cities toss Trump on the dump?

Today it looks that way.


This year we have the old divide,

Though Trump’s incompetent.

A quarter of a million died,

For Trump was negligent.

Once we have done the final count,

Trump says that he will sue.

He’ll try to get courts to discount

What voters want to do.


Elections should depend on votes;

We must count every one.

In spite of threats the Donald floats,

It looks like Donald’s done.