Donald at the Bat – Day 1383, Trump’s Shaky Outlook

Day 1383, Trump’s Shaky Outlook 


The outlook is not brilliant for the Donald Trump campaign.

We’ve had four years of lies, disease, storms, wildfires: too much pain .

Two hundred thirty thousand Covid victims bit the dust.

The world has learned that Donald Trump is someone not to trust.


A lot of folks got wealthier on tax cuts for the rich;

Then Mother Nature taught Trump that reality’s a bitch.

A virus came from China; Donald closed airports too late

And Covid 19 even sneaked inside the White House gate.


Our scientists have shown that Donald will not take advice,

So Covid 19 rages on and we all pay the price.

Scott Atlas says that we will get to herd immunity,

Projected cost: two million dead, far from impunity.


The witless nits supporting Trump chant, “Fire Fauci,” now.

Though Tony is our best expert, they’ll fire him, anyhow.

But Fauci disagrees with Trump, and they like Donald’s fraud;

They’ll discount Fauci’s science, follow Donald, their false god.


For six months, all the polls have said that we have had enough.

The public wants to vote him out but Trump has made it tough.

In this pandemic, lots of folks will want to vote by mail

But Trump has slowed the Postal Service, hoping it might fail.


Republicans think, when we  vote, then they will likely lose.

They also do not fancy voters of the darker hues.

The Donald and McConnell, these past years, have stacked the courts.

So Donald Trump will sue if voters kick him in the shorts.


Will courts support democracy and let us count the votes?

Or will Biden raise the bile in right wing judges’ throats?

They know that this election might mean Trump’s autocracy.

Will they be comfortable in cancelling democracy?