Donald at the Bat – Day 1382, Donald as Autocrat

Day 1382, Donald as Autocrat 


Trump wants to be our autocrat

Though he’s not very good at that.

Joe Biden is a Democrat

And Joe is competent.


But some prefer autocracy

And Donald’s kakistocracy

To our form of democracy,

Though Trump’s incompetent.


Democracy and liberty

And, God forbid, equality,

Require some brain activity

To have good government.


Democracy’s a lot of work;

It’s work that many want to shirk

And hand it over to a jerk,

Though Trump’s incompetent.


As Covid 19 incubates,

Trump, though unmasked, exacerbates

The virus, so it decimates,

To prove he’s negligent.


For autocrat, we need a man

Much smarter and much wiser than

The Donald, whom we need to can,

Since he’s incompetent.


Democracy, please, one more try,

And say to Donald Trump, “Good bye.”

And hire Joe Biden as the guy

To run the government.


Let’s tell the Donald, “You are fired.

“And all the schmucks that you have hired

“And all the kids that you have sired;

“You’ve screwed our government.”