Donald at the Bat – Day 1381, Shit Might Still Happen

Day 1381, Shit Might Still Happen 


Eight chances in nine, Biden will win,

So says Nate Silver’s own Five Thirty Eight.

One chance in nine, Donald Trump still stays in,

Averaging polling trends from every state.


Nothing is certain; statistics tell us

But death and taxes (not paid by the rich.)

We can still throw ourselves under the bus

Or drive democracy into a ditch.


Joe’s paths to victory: eight out of nine,

Which means that Donald is left with just one.

Improbabilities sometimes combine,

Like life on this planet, circling this sun.


When Chicxulub struck, the dinosaurs died.

Some mammals survived, from which we evolved.

Shit might still happen; let this be your guide;

In this election, you must get involved.


Voter suppression and going to court:

These are the tactics that Donald will use.

To hang on to power, Trump must abort

The will of the people; we’ve seen the clues.


The House: democratic, Senate is not;

Electoral College is not as well.

And, we know the wealthy have often bought

Votes of politicians willing to sell.


The polls and statistics both favor Joe,

So we may hand Donald his hat and coat.

Ask statisticians; they all surely know,

Shit is less likely if we all go vote.