Donald at the Bat – Day 1380, Justin Turner

Day 1380, Justin Turner


Justin Turner, LA baseball player

With the Dodgers, a Tampa Ray slayer,

Now has Covid 19

But was seen on your screen,

With no mask, turning Fauci’s hair grayer.


Turner was on the field celebrating,

Though with Covid 19 incubating.

Judgment, very unsound,

Will he spread it around,

Or now stay at home, isolating?


Will LA hold a big celebration?

That’s a Covid 19 invitation.

Just like rallies for Trump,

Lots of cheering will pump

Lots more Covid into incubation.


So now, what should we do with big Justin,

That might help us with our Covid bustin’?

Since he stepped out of line,

Should he pay a big fine?

That might help with behavior adjustin’.