Donald at the Bat – Day 1379, Ano-cranial Inversion

Day 1379, Ano-cranial Inversion 


The ano-cranial inversion:

Supporting both Donald and Pence,

A vision-impairing immersion,

And now we will have a defense.


Next week we will have an election;

And all of us need to go vote

Because we can change our direction,

For Donald, the best antidote.


Republicans, once sycophantic,

Their confidence starting to crack,

We’ve seen some become simply frantic,

As Democrats mount the attack.


Since Trump gave right wingers Judge Barrett;

It’s now every man for himself.

The poll pressure’s too much to bear it:

Trump loyalty’s back on the shelf.


The White House controlled the pandemic.  (1)

But Covid’s disputing the claim.

We still have a huge epidemic;

For most of us, Trump is to blame.


The ano-cranial inversion

That has made it so hard to see,

Corrected, may lead to conversion

To a Trumpist apostasy.


For those who now seek absolution

For cowardly complicity,

You need to know there’s no ablution

To wash away such iniquity.


(1)  From the White House list of their accomplishments, 10-28-2020.  A spokesperson later said this claim was “poorly worded.”