Donald at the Bat – Day 1378, In Praise of Dr. Fauci

Day 1378, In Praise of Dr. Fauci 


The problem with simply trusting your gut

Is frequently blowing it out your ass.

With Covid 19, it’s now quite clear cut;

We can’t afford to give Trump’s gut a pass.


Choose Trump’s food processor or Fauci’s brain,

With which he processes data and thinks.

Science can keep us from circling the drain,

While what we get from Trump’s gut simply stinks.


Trump made our pandemic worst on the Earth.

Trump tried and failed to BS it away, 

Which shows how much peristalsis is worth.

I’ll take Doctor Fauci’s brain any day.


Have we clarified the Fauci-Trump gap?

Trump’s borborygmi and flatus he passed

Relied on his gut and just produced crap.

For Covid 19, that’s proven half-assed.