Donald at the Bat – Day 1377, Trump and Pence

Day 1377, Trump and Pence


Chorus:  Trump and Pence, Trump and Pence,

Time for us to wash and rinse.

Toss them both right out the door;

When they’re gone, please mop the floor.


Donald Trump and William Barr,

Get the feathers and the tar,

Ride them both out on a rail.

Time to end this sordid tale.


Giuliani went to bed,

To tuck in his shirt, he said.

“Borat” showed he was a fool.

Is he also Putin’s tool?


Chorus:  Trump and Pence….


Donald’s rallies spread disease,

As supporters start to wheeze.

If Trump can’t win as before,

Will they start a civil war?


Biden-Harris have a lead;

Is it all the lead they need?

If the Donald comes up short,

He thinks he can win in court.


Chorus 2: Trump and Pence, Trump and Pence,

Anti-science arrogance.

Like denying climate change,

They’ll let Covid have free range.