Donald at the Bat – Day 1376, Attempted Murder?

Day 1376, Attempted Murder? 


Trump, the Constitution shredder,

Covid 19 superspreader,

Isn’t this attempted murder

By the sheep and cattle herder?


This looks like his final hour;

Trump fights to remain in power.

To avoid a Biden beating,

Donald must resort to cheating.


Trump hopes he will be anointed

By the judges he appointed.

If he nullifies our voting,

Four more years of rallies, gloating.


From the crowds to whom he’s ranting,

“Lock her up,” we still hear chanting.

Meanwhile, data they’ve rejected,

Show us they have been infected.


Now Trump’s contemplating firing

All the scientists conspiring

To keep all of us from dying,

Contradicting Donald’s lying.


Donald says he beat the virus;

As a prize he is desirous

Of ending our democracy

And moving to autocracy.


We cannot have democracy,

Plutocracy, theocracy.

Trump has to have autocracy

Of course, with kakistocracy.