Donald at the Bat – Day 1375, Socialist, Woman President?

Day 1375, Socialist, Woman President? 


“We won’t have a socialist president,

“Especially not a woman,” he said.  (Florida rally, 10-23-2020)

Donald, increasingly belligerent:

Biden and Harris are staying ahead.


Kamala’s smart and possessed of iron will,

Pretty, with skin colored, café au lait.

Campaigning matador: consummate skill,

Trump is el toro; the polls shout, “Ole!”


Biden and Harris maintaining their lead,

Facts against him, Trump relies on the lie.

Trump sees his support is starting to bleed,

As he’s spreading Covid, his voters die.


Black women saw through Trump four years ago.

And he’s now losing the white women’s vote.

His campaign coffers are dangerously low.

If Trump loses women, that’s all she wrote.