Donald at the Bat – Day 1374, Our Nation’s Soul

Day 1374, Our Nation’s Soul 


Will we be able to undo the damage Trump has done?

Can we return to normal once the Donald’s race has run?

Or has the Donald shown us that our soul is deeply flawed?

That what we think is normal has an element of fraud?


We’ve all heard of the emperor parading without clothes.

And yet, the sight and smell of Trump escaped our eyes and nose.

And some deny that they have heard the words that Trump has said,

That lies, distortions, anti-science are his daily bread.


Some leaders of our government, some preachers joining in,

Have heaped praise on Trump publicaly, absolving him of sin.

And through this, we have learned the lesson: power is their god.

Such false gods make us easy marks for Donald to defraud.


So does the fault lie in our stars or does it lie in us?

This is a pressing problem we’re reluctant to discuss.

Trump won’t be here forever; who will we be when he’s gone?

Though prophets cry, “Repent,” will we just yawn and carry on?