Donald at the Bat – Day 1373b, The Last Debate

Day 1373b, The Last Debate 


Ms. Welker and her mute button forced Donald to behave.

He lied as much as usual; at least he didn’t rave.

Trump tried the laptop email ruse; Joe didn’t take the bait.

I doubt if any minds were changed by last night’s last debate.


Trump has no plan for this pandemic: except the vaccine,

One more prognostication that’s remaining to be seen.

Trump says we’re learning how to live with Covid’s holocaust.

Joe pointed out our deaths: more than two hundred thousand lost.


Trump forecasts a stock market crash if he should lose the race.

Economists do not agree; they’re not in Donald’s base.

In fact, they say the Biden plan creates more jobs than Trump.

So, is there any reason not to toss Trump on the dump?


Trump says he’s not a racist; the least racist man on Earth.

You get a different answer, asking colored folks by birth.

Trump has been fined because he has refused to rent to blacks.

His definition of a racist would seem somewhat lax.


Joe recognizes global warming’s existential threat.

We caused it burning fossil fuels but Trump says not to sweat.

Though Joe relies on scientists, Trump’s style is to ignore

The scientific method, trusting his intestines more.


Joe Biden said that he will lead us toward clean energy.

He’ll gradually phase out the fossil fuel industry.

Of course the Donald pounced; he’s opened up our federal lands

For drilling and for fracking, just like Saudi desert sands.


Trump wants to kill Obamacare.  (Do you think, for its name?)

Some twenty million will lose care in Donald’s vengeful game.

To kill Obamacare, as we see Covid 19 spread,

Just shows that Donald does not care about the cost in dead.