Donald at the Bat – Day 1373, Turning the Corner

Day 1373, Turning the Corner 


“With Covid, we’re turning a corner.” (1)

(It’s spreading like wild forest fire.)

“What corner?” Asks every new mourner,

As they light each new funeral pyre.


The Donald works from a small sample:

Himself and his wife and his son.

He says, “I have set the example;

“I faced down the virus and won!”


With eight million cases and rising,

A thousand more dying each day,

There is just no way of disguising

Or lying the virus away.


But Trump still tried lies and denial

As we all watched Covid persist.

The public now votes in his trial;

He must leave, if we all insist.


We see Donald’s disintegration;

Supporters’ brains all got there first.

Equality and integration,

Are concepts considered accursed.


If we hand the reins to Joe Biden,

Can he guide us out of the pit?

Right now we are slippin’ and slidin’,

Our wheels mired in Donald’s bullshit.


Will Donald Trump urge each supporter

To take his gun out in the street?

Though Trump claims he’s for law and order,

Are long guns his last way to cheat?


(1)  This, by now, is a Trumpist mantra.