Donald at the Bat -Day 1372, Tired of Covid 19?

Day 1372, Tired of Covid 19? 


Are you tired of Covid 19?

(It hasn’t grown weary of you.)

Until wearing masks is routine,

We cannot bid Covid adieu.


Trump’s presidency is in flames

And all he can do now is yelp.

For instance, he’s called Fauci names,

A doctor who’s trying to help.


You can’t BS Covid away

But that’s Trump’s campaign strategy.

So deaths keep increasing each day,

A sick, Covid-Trump synergy.


Trump will not seek expert advice;

He hears just what he wants to hear.

Meanwhile, we’re all paying the price:

Ten thousands more deaths, just this year.


“Disaster and idiots…”  Who? (1)

What Fauci and scientists are?

It’s Donald who hasn’t a clue

And Atlas and Pence and Bill Barr.


At MAGA-head rallies for Trump,

The unmasked all crowd in to cheer.

And then, Covid cases will jump

But that’s not what Trump’s faithful fear.


Trump fears he will lose this campaign

And we know that’s his main concern.

So he will call names and complain;

He’s just proving he cannot learn.


(1)  In a call with Republicans on 10-19-2020, Trump called Tony Fauci a “disaster” and other doctors warning of the dangers of Covid 19, “idiots.”