Donald at the Bat – Day 1371, Anti-Scientists

Day 1371, Anti-Scientists 


People who are anti-science

Don’t accept reality.                      

Those opposing mask compliance

Just increase fatality.


Ignore findings, data-driven,

Threaten our society,

Ask why you should be forgiven,

For this lapse of sanity.


Swallowing the Trump confection,

Dining in a septic tank,

Is a trail to more infection.

And you have yourself to thank.


Anti-fact infatuation

In a deep, dark mental cave,

Super selfish saturation:

You dig your own early grave.


Swallowing misinformation,

You are eating sewer swill.

Did your taste go on vacation?

Are you starting to feel ill?


Practice anal osculation,

Breathing Trump’s colonic gas,

Will produce this correlation:

You have proved yourself an ass.


So, is Donald Trump just crazy?

Do you need another clue?

If you think the answer’s hazy,

What may we conclude of you?