Donald at the Bat – Day 1370, Dr. Scott Atlas

Day 1370, Dr. Scott Atlas 


Dr. Atlas, Donald’s yes man,

Should leave the Covid 19 force.

Data show he’s not the best man.

And Dr. Birx agrees, of course.


Dr. Atlas, MRI man,

In neuroradiology,

Clearly shows he’s not the right man

For epidemiology.


Scientists are all against him,

As Atlas whispers in Trump’s ear.

Trump’s gut rumblings have convinced him

To just hear what he wants to hear.


Scott’s advice, unscientific,

A threat to our community.

Dr. Fauci’s “Tom Terrific,”

Who understands immunity.


Donald Trump can’t stand advisers

Who give him data-based advice.

He likes fellow fertilizers,

Who think that bullshit should suffice.


Covid 19 keeps on spreading

And Donald’s dying in the polls.

That’s the death that Donald’s dreading

As black folks swell the voter rolls.


So Scott Atlas keeps on saying,

“Just let the bug infect the herd.”

But, guess what: the herd is straying

To vote Trump out, November third.