Donald at the Bat – Day 1369, Rounding the Corner

Day 1369, Rounding the Corner 


We’re rounding the corner…again. (1)

(Must be on a circular track.)

We’re right back where we’ve always been,

The virus still on the attack.


The Donald has trouble with facts;

The virus is on its third peak.

But Fauci says, “Do not relax!

“The data are clear; take a peek.”


The BS that Donald Trump slings

Claims he’s saving lives, right and left.

But swallow the feces he flings,

And soon, there’ll be nobody left.


Trump’s maskless, to show he’s not weak.

He hosts super-spreader events.

But five thousand die every week:

For denseness, a deadly expense.


Trump’s leadership clearly has failed;

The polls show he’s losing the race,

As all but the densest have bailed.

What will Donald do to save face?


He’s told us that he’ll go to court,

If he loses, to challenge the vote,

Which he hopes “his” court will abort.

For voters, Trump’s last antidote.


(1)  It would be an interesting exercise to count up how many times Trump has said, “We’re rounding the corner,” or words to that effect, regarding the Covid 19 pandemic.