Donald at the Bat – Day 1368, A Russian Asset?

Day 1368, A Russian Asset? 


Has Rudy Guiliani been a stooge

For anti-Biden, Russian subterfuge,

So Putin gets the president he wants?

The implications of this question: huge.


Did Putin get the president he wants

By spreading lies through Donald’s confidantes?

Has Rudy been the stooge that Putin sent,

Who willingly spreads all that Putin flaunts?


Has Vladimir just used the stooge he sent

To make an asset of our president,

To create chaos all around the West?

Was this Vlad’s doing, Trump his instrument?


Trump has created chaos in the West;

Has it been done at Vladimir’s behest?

Has Guiliani been a Russian stooge?

Will Putin pin a medal on his chest?


If Rudy Giuliani is a stooge

For Putin, questions come in a deluge.

A willing asset?  Useful idiot?

Will Russia offer Rudy a refuge?