Donald at the Bat – Day 1365, Judge Barrett’s Confirmation

Day 1365, Judge Barrett’s Confirmation 


Republicans want to confirm a judge

More than they want to fight Covid 19.

Relief bills stay mired in McConnell sludge

While Covid spreads just like 1918.


Judge Barrett’s show is broadcast on TV

To dance around what Trump wants her to do.

Pro forma theater for us to see,

No possibility she won’t go through.


Though Sheldon Whitehouse showed the evidence

Of how right wing, dark money packs the courts,

Republicans don’t bother with defense;

“We have the power,” Mitch McConnell snorts.


As Covid 19 cases rise again,

New cases and new deaths rise uncontrolled.

Is Trump’s plan to rely on Zen to win  (1)

And cause the disappearance he’s foretold?


The new election comes in just three weeks.

Will it bring the relief the nation seeks?


(1)  I refer to the American perversion of Zen Buddhism, expressed in the aphorism, “Shit happens.”  There are numerous variations on T shirts.