Donald at the Bat – DAy 1364, The Super Spreaders

Day 1364, The Super Spreaders


Donald Trump, the super spreader,

Went to bed with Stormy.

Ask yourself, which spreader’s better?

Situation: thorny.

Donald Trump, the Covid spreader,

Porno films for Stormy.

Donald Trump still had to bed her,

Fat old man, and horny.


Movie porn stars, Playboy Playmates,

That’s whom Trump’s been screwing.

Paid hush money for these playdates,

Hiding extra wooing.

Would you pick Trump for a stray mate,

Knowing what he’s spewing?

Covid, super spreading laymate:

Ladies, what ‘cha doing?


Who’s the bigger super spreader—

Donald or Miss Stormy?

Voters will judge who is better;

Trump says, “We need more me!”

Polls bad, Trump’s shorts getting wetter,

He tweets, “Don’t ignore me.”

Covid spreader, porno spreader:

Stormy said, “He bored me.”