Donald at the Bat – Day 1366, Herd Immunity

Day 1366, Herd Immunity 


So, what is herd immunity and how do we get there?

The best path is vaccines, of course; right now the cupboard’s bare.

Or, let the herd catch the disease, as Doctor Atlas said. (1)

Strong individuals survive; the cost: two million dead. (2)


We’ll mostly kill the old folks off, especially browns and blacks,

And those with expiration numbers tattooed on their backs. (3)

Sure, we may lose a child or two, somewhere along the way;

Survivors all should be immune and Covid held at bay.


Let’s open up society and see what we will see.

If Donald Trump survived the virus, how bad could it be?

He’s seventy and male and fat but showed us how to win

And showed he’s unafraid by taking his mask off again.


So, join the Covid 19 “losers”; take one for the team. (4)

Express defiance of good science; join the Atlas scheme.

To hell with masks and distancing and contact tracing tests,

To hell with Fauci and all other scientific pests.


But, what if Covid 19 mutates, as we know it will?

Our herd immunity won’t work, and millions more fall ill.

We’ll need new vaccines every year just like we do for flu.

And, in the meantime, while we wait, here’s what we all must do.


Wear masks and keep our distance and do tests to trace contacts,

Precautions not from Donald’s gut, but scientific facts.

If we do what Scott Atlas says, two million more may die.

Trump says we should not be afraid but that’s a fatal lie.


(1)  Dr. Scott Atlas, a neuroradiologist formally from Stanford, with no particular experience in infectious diseases and epidemiology.  His qualification to speak in the Covid 19 pandemic is that he tells Donald Trump what he wants to hear.

(2)  We lost about 685,000 dead in the 1918 flu as it ran its course.  We had a population of about 100 million.  Now we have over 300 million.  Multiply 685,000 X 3 and you get just over 2 million.

(3)  Expiration numbers: pre-existing conditions.  About 100 million of us have one or more.

(4)  Donald Trump referred to soldiers who died in battle as “suckers” and “losers” The Atlantic, September 3, 2020.