Donald at the Bat – Day 1361, The Super Spreader, Cured?

Day 1361, The Super Spreader, Cured? 


The Emperor has been unmasked and stripped of all his clothes.

Now, unsurprisingly, he’s growing Covid in his nose.

And, he’s concealing when he had last tested negative.

Was Trump a super spreader, knowing he was positive?


Do those who hold the data have concern for public health?

Did they help spread the virus by abetting Donald’s stealth?

Did Trump’s financial backers and Supreme Court nominee

Know they were risking illness from the Donald’s villainy?


We know Trump is dishonest and as stubborn as a mule.

He went bankrupt in business and did not do well in school.

It seems he does not give a damn for other people’s lives.

The only thing that bothers him is when the Dow Jones dives.


Now Trump says he is cured and wants back on the campaign trail,

In maskless rallies spreading Covid?  (Just a small detail.)

And, if debates are held on Zoom, he won’t participate;

He won’t be free to interrupt, to stalk, and dominate.


Both Dexamethasone and Covid may affect the brain.

So, might this double whammy bring the end of Donald’s reign?

His crazy tweets suggest to us his marbles all fell out.

They spilled about the same time he got Covid up his snout.


Is Donald Trump now proving he’s a dog that will not hunt?

Are ever more Republicans now dropping back to punt?

We know Republicans’ desire is hanging on to power.

But, every day they sense they’re closer to their final hour.