Donald at the Bat – Day 1360, Craziness

Day 1360, Craziness 


Kidnap and kill the governor, a Michigander plot:

She’s trying to fight Covid 19; plotters have been caught.

She said, “Let’s all wear masks and practice social distancing.”

And closed some bars and restaurants; oh, what a noxious thing!


Now Trump seeks an indictment of Joe Biden by Bill Barr,

For spying back in 2016, hoping it will scar

The Biden-Harris ticket, since Trump fears he’s going down

And many Red State senators’ shorts have been turning brown.


Some of us fear this is the start of open civil war.

With Donald stirring up the nuts, perhaps we will see more.

As Donald’s mind decompensates, we don’t know what he’ll do,

For Donald and for all of us, the bill is coming due.


The Donald says that he’s been cured by treatments he received.

With Donald’s ignorance of science, should he be believed?

He says that everyone should get the treatments he just got.

The nation can’t afford that though, which we guess Trump forgot.


And Trump has now suggested, if he loses, it is fraud.

And he said getting Covid must have been an Act of God.

Trump says his doctors cured him but what did God try to do?

What if the Lord thinks curing Donald was a big snafu?


So, crazy Michiganders, Donald Trump way off the rails,

And telling us when voting that we should distrust the mails.

Let’s pray that we get through this, although there’s no guarantee—

A free democracy does not come with a warranty.