Donald at the Bat – Day 1359, Reality Test

Day 1359, Reality Test


If you turn your back on reality,

It will bite you right in the ass.

Believe in your own immortality,

Still, Covid won’t give you a pass.

The Donald showed pure imbecility,

Denying what science has shown.

He can’t lead; he lacks the ability,

In Covid deaths, we stand alone.


If you turn your back on Covid 19,

It will hack you right in the neck.

Ignoring the wisdom of quarantine,

Means not playing with a full deck.

To put out a fire, don’t squirt kerosene,

We know that will just make things worse.

A holocaust would not be unforeseen

And you can’t blame God for the curse.


If you ignore biological facts,

Then Covid will charge a high price.

The epidemiological axe

Will fall and it will not think twice.

The problem with megalomaniacs:

The unvarnished truth won’t suffice.

But facts from science are not artifacts.

Trump’s gut feelings are too imprecise.


Approaching Covid egotistically,

(Just how the facts might affect you)

And viewing facts antagonistically,

Made worse the pandemic we rue.

Just looking at life narcissistically

Shows you don’t care what we go through.

When you treat reality mystically,

We voters might bid you adieu.