Donald at the Bat Day 1358b, The VP Debate

Day 1358b, The VP Debate 


Like when he was defending the tobacco industry,

Mike Pence defended Donald Trump: ironic symmetry.

Defend the indefensible was Michael’s daunting task.

And, why did that fly land on Pence?  The scent?  (Not nice to ask.)


Mike Pence is supercilious; he lies with ease and grace.

And that helps Mike to do his job; to lie right to your face.

On pre-existing health conditions, Michael did not lie;

When asked how he’d protect them, gave no answer, did not try.


On Covid 19, Michael Pence gave us a song and dance,

That Trump saved millions of our lives, he claimed with flaming pants.

Two hundred thousand dead and rising, Donald still stands proud

And maskless as he spreads his virus through the White House crowd.


And Michael Pence would not commit Trump would leave as required,

Should they lose the election, which would mean they just got fired.

Instead he said that they would win, ignoring every poll,

For they all show Trump standing in an ever deeper hole.


One question Harris did not answer was the Green New Deal.

Though Mike Pence hammered on it, this Deal should have more appeal.

We’re moving toward Green energy, which science says we should,

Protecting the environment, creating jobs, all good.


And Harris said Trump failed us on economy and health.

His tax cuts mostly benefitted those who have great wealth.

And Mike Pence danced around this, talking past allotted time,

Did not respect the moderator, standard male pastime.


The only creature Pence appealed to was a pesky fly.

Was Michael Pence so full of crap that this fly, flying by,

Just had to land and take the time to sample all the scents,

And make sure what it smelled was just BS from Michael Pence?