Donald at the Bat – Day 1362, Donald’s Immune Response

Day 1362, Donald’s Immune Response


It is doubtful that Donald’s immune 

Though he is loudly singing that tune.

He had Covid 19

And he thinks he is clean,

So he’ll hit the campaign trail, and soon.


Dexamethasone’s known to suppress

The immunity one might express.

Antibodies Trump got

‘Gainst the Covid he caught

Don’t enhance his response, but depress.


Antibodies bind to antigen,

Helping us to remove it but then,

That may block our response;

That’s another nuance,

That means Donald might get it again.


Immunology’s rather complex,

With a lot of opposing effects.

Steroids down-regulate

What vaccines stimulate,

Which may lead to unwanted effects.


Donald’s knowledge of science is small

And the tales that he tells us are tall.

So, Trump sings out of tune

When he claims he’s immune

And he likely just made a bad call.