Donald at the Bat – Day 1356, Modern Medicine

Day 1356, Modern Medicine 


Trump didn’t take Lysol, didn’t take bleach,

Hydroxychloroquine, also eschewed.

Was risk of dying what it took to teach

Trump to trust science for this interlude?


Trump’s a bullshitter who’ll say anything

To tell his base just what they want to hear.

But bovine feces that he’s known to fling

Paused when death whispered to him, “I am near.”


Trump got antibodies, Remdesivir;

Both have shown evidence of some effect.

Not out of the woods, path forward unclear,

Prayers going both ways: what will God direct?


Trump has been blown up on his own petard. (1)

Arrogant, maskless, addressing his base,

Denying and lying did not retard

The Covid 19 but speeded its pace.


Trump’s super-spreading Rose Garden event

Infected a dozen; that’s no surprise.

Now might reality make a small dent

In Donald’s thinking if one of them dies?


Treatments include all new things we have learned,

As Trump’s blood oxygen bounces around.

Will Trump admit that the science he spurned

May save his life and keep him above ground?,


Alas, he did not; back at the White House,

Trump took off his mask, said, “Don’t be afraid.”

A super-spreader makes home a madhouse,

As staff may die from decisions Trump made.


(1)  Petard, a French word for a directional, explosive charge, used to blow a hole in a wall or to blow down a door.  If you face it the wrong way, you get killed instead.  The phrase, “hoist with his own petard,” comes from Hamlet, Act 3, Scene 4, by Shakespeare.  It means the bomb maker blows himself up.  Read the play for the context.