Donald at the Bat – Day 1357, Trump Takes a Ride

Day 1357, Trump Takes a Ride 


How sick is the Donald?  We don’t really know.

We’ve learned his blood oxygen got pretty low.

His doctors admit to omitting some facts,

As we watch the list of his medicines grow.


His doctors have danced around some of the facts.

It’s standard for Donald, with facts to be lax.

With Covid 19, it’s just more of the same;

When truth’s inconvenient, Trump covers his tracks.


With Covid 19, it’s just more of the same,

When truth, facts, and science may tarnish his fame,

To show us he’s winning, Trump went for a ride.

With Donald, it’s all a publicity game.


With his Secret Service, Trump went for a ride,

Endangering agents, who were stuck inside

The same car as Donald and breathing his air,

More doctor’s advice that the Donald defied.


With Trump’s Secret Service all breathing his air,

Trump waved through the window to crowds that were there.

Massaging his ego, his agents at risk,

If they now fall ill, we know Trump doesn’t care.


To wave at the crowd, Secret Service at risk,

Stuck in a closed vehicle, viral spread, brisk.

Trump is a sick narcissist; that much we know.

Is Trump worth exposing someone’s asterisk?