Donald at the Bat – Day 1355, Super Spreader

Day 1355, Super Spreader 


Has Donald Trump, the super spreader, maskless rally man,

Just shot himself right in the foot, with members of his clan?

For Donald and Republicans are turning positive

From Covid 19 bullshit, which the virus won’t forgive.


Trump’s now in Walter Reed, condition: hypocritical.

He’s finding out that Covid 19’s apolitical.

Slow to react when blue state folks were first to start to die,

And now, when red state folks are sick, he’ll still lie and deny.


Denying science can be fatal; Trump may find this out.

There are some laws of nature that deniers cannot flout.

We can say this of science; it is true, believed or not.

Trump tried denying science and now, look what he just got.


As more and more Republicans come down with this disease,

They’ll find that Trump’s denials do not set their minds at ease.

When many get infected, the chance one or more may die,

Increases to near certainty; the data do not lie.


Why is it Trump supporters still refuse to wear a mask?

And would they do it if the Donald finally chose to ask?

Trump turned refusal to a test of loyalty to him;

With anti-science loyalty; survival prospects dim.


Why is it that, instead of truth, the Trumpists choose the lie?

Since liberals tout science, would the Trumpists rather die?

All history reveals the truth, but not “official truth,”

What’s really true reveals itself, just like an aching tooth.