Donald at the Bat – Day 1354, An die Schadenfreude (parody to ‘Ode to Joy’)

Day 1354, An die Schadenfreude (1)

If it weren’t for Schadenfreude (2)
There would be no joy at all.
Liberals feeling Herzenfreude (3)
Should give Sigmund Freud a call.
Taking joy in Trump’s misfortunes,
Though they are his own, damn fault,
Victim of his own distortions,
Kushner’s crying, “Oy, Gewalt!” (4)

Donald Trump has brought us tsoris, (5)
As the falsehoods ‘round him swirled.
Misery, not only for us,
Trump has spread it ‘round the world.
Trump’s disdain for truth and science,
Disdain for expert advice,
Punish him for his defiance.
Now, who else must pay the price?

Optional 3rd verse:

Is Ruth Bader Ginsburg grinning,
As she interviews with God?
Trump does not look like he’s winning,
As Ruth rests beneath the sod.
Mitch is rushing her replacement,
To defile her memory.
Mitch has caused his own debasement,
Frank, dishonest, treachery.

(1) May be sung to the melody of the choral movement of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, lyric by Josef Schiller, from his 1808 revision of his original poem, An die Freude, usually translated, “Ode to Joy.”
(2) Schadenfreude, German for taking joy in another’s misfortune.
(3) Herzenfreude, German for “heart’s delight” or a joyful heart.
(4) Oy, Gewalt! Yiddish for “oh, violence,” usually used to express dismay when something really bad happens.
(5) Tsoris, Yiddish for “trouble, misery,” a fairly broad, negative connotation.