Donald at the Bat – Day 1344, Republican’s Last Stand?

Day 1344, Republicans’ Last Stand? 


Republicans have lost the battle for our hearts and minds,

For civil rights and voting rights, health care, and Roe v Wade,

Protecting air and water from pollution of all kinds,

And background checks for buying guns, that liberal crusade.


Trump’s filling courts with justices, whose sentiments lean right.

First target is Obamacare, then they’ll go after Roe.

They must restore the power of white Christian men’s birthright.

So, once Mitch has his 6-3 court, will he be all aglow?


Republicans crave power and do anything they can.

To hold it in their grasp, they’ll pack the courts, suppress the vote,

And lie to us in comfort, while obstructing every plan

To liberalize society, progressives might promote.


They hope the courts act to preserve the power that they hold

To thwart the will of Congress and those whom they represent.

Society is changing; will they be out in the cold?

Their last stand: right wing judges and their lawless president.