Donald at the Ba -Day 1345, Tell the Voters, “Hey, screw you.” (parody to ‘What a Friend We Have in Jesus’)

Day 1345, Tell the Voters, “Hey, screw you.”  (1)


What a friend Trump has in judges,

And, he’s told us what he’ll do.

He objects to mail-in ballots,

If he loses, he will sue.


He’s appointed lots of judges;

They’re a faithful, right-wing crew.

Trump’s believes their right-wing rulings

Will say power is his due.


At the death of Justice Ginsburg,

Donald’s fingers fairly flew

To his list of right-wing judges,

To replace the liberal Jew.


Trump has found a friend most faithful.

Though the Covid’s raging through,

Mitch deems judges more important,

To tell voters, “Hey, screw you.”



Biden may win the election.

If so, will Trump say, “Adieu?”

The transition won’t be peaceful.

Trump has told us he will sue.


Our Supreme Court’s right-wing judges,

Trump prays will vote to undo,

Mail-in ballots that are counted

And tell voters, “Hey, screw you.”


(1)  May be sung to: “What a Friend We Have in Jesus,” lyric by Joseph M. Scriven, 1855, melody by Charles Crozat Converse, 1868.