Donald at the Bat – Day 1343, Young Folks Don’t Get Sick

Day 1343, Young Folks Don’t Get Sick 


The Covid rate is up again, infections on the rise.

The colleges are spreading it as students socialize.

It’s sex and drugs and rock and roll, “Laissez les bons temps rouler.”

“Who wants to party?”  frat boys ask.  And Covid leads the way.


What Trump misunderstands of Covid, or just does not care:

Although our young folks may not die, they spread it everywhere.

They bring it home to parents and grandparents, who might die.

Is Trump’s misunderstanding only that or one more lie?


I’m in my seventies myself, two sons and four grandkids.

Trump doesn’t care if they might spread more Covid, God forbid.

It isn’t safe to hug them; we should stay six feet apart.

Trump’s statements show no understanding, certainly no heart.


But Donald says, “Go back to school, most kids will not get sick.”

And he holds maskless rallies, where he can perform his schtick.

Two hundred thousand folks have died, most, but not all, were old.

So, what the Donald’s selling us is brass instead of gold.


Will Donald ram and jam vaccines, bypass expert advice?

Without their careful testing, will just Donald’s word suffice?

And what of anti-vaxxers who won’t take it anyway?

A vaccine won’t cure everything; disease won’t go away.


So science or the Donald?  Trust the truth or trust the lie?

The price for trusting Donald is: two hundred thousand die.

Two hundred thousand dead and we’re projecting double that.

Depraved indifference is a crime.  But Trump is standing pat.