Donald at the Bat – Day 1342, Let the Courts Decide?

Day 1342, Let the Courts Decide? 


Trump needs the courts to help him win, come next election day,

Because the polls all say he’ll lose if voters have their say.

He’s raised lots of objections, centered on the mail-in vote,

While saying absentee’s OK, a most confusing quote.


Trump’s charging there’ll be massive fraud, though lacking evidence.

He’s hiring crowds of lawyers and he’s sparing no expense.

He wants to be dictator and dictators cannot lose.

They’ll always say they won, no matter whom the voters choose.


Trump’s stacked the courts with judges, so they owe him victory.

He thinks no less a quid pro quo is satisfactory.

And, for insurance, Mitch will fill Ruth Ginsburg’s High Court seat.

So, all these right wing judges should save Donald from defeat.


Should we discard elections and say Trump is all we need?

Has Trump been chosen by The Lord?  Therefore must he succeed?

Or, has he shown the worst in us, so easily misled?

And, is autocracy contagious, just like Covid’s spread?


Republicans have kissed Trump’s ass and gone back on their word.

We have them all on video; we all know what we heard.

Hypocrisy is not a term they’ve ever recognized.

Raw power is their guiding star; it has been canonized.


So, stack the courts, suppress the vote, of course, slow down the mail.

With such a strategy, Trump thinks there’s no way he can fail.

And Russia’s doing what it can for Trump’s autocracy.

Let me be blunt.  If Trump succeeds, bye bye, democracy.